Our expertise

Uniflow brings together the skills of several groups, each one a world leader in their field of activity.
Their shared goal is to create, produce and deliver innovative adhesive solutions to overcome the daily challenges of professionals who work at sea or with water: builders, shipyards, engineers and architects, captains, skippers, owners, etc.
Today adhesive films are part of our everyday lives (building, trains, planes, floors, signs, etc.). With the rapid progress modern industries now make, these adhesives are making a proud entrance into the most difficult, the most demanding and the most high-performance sector: the world of water.

Our commitments
Innovation & performance

Uniflow is committed to the performance of all the products in its range. Their mechanical properties, adhesion and longevity are validated by professionals who work at sea. The films sold protect equipment and structures. They improve performance at sea and protect those who use them. Innovation is central to the Uniflow philosophy. Researchers and engineers work to create powerful and intelligent solutions.

Personalisation & design

Uniflow always combines technology and design, performance and beauty, style and materials. The possibilities of adhesive coatings are endless. Films applied to the hulls, decks and structures protect and provide the best design achievements.

Quality & environment

The company is aware of the environmental revolution in the maritime field by finally offering an alternative that is higher performing, more cost-effective, greener and more durable than the paint solutions used up to now. Uniflow products do not contain toxic agents like biocides, major destroyers of the marine flora and fauna. They also protect those who apply them, using a simple and environmentally perfect process.