Offshore installations are both ultra-efficient yet highly exposed to marine elements.

  • Every day, the sea attacks the parts below and above the water, obliging maintenance teams to continually check that exposed parts are protected, keeping men and equipment safe.
    Paint was the classic, essential solution for protecting structures in contact with the sea. Increasingly efficient types of paint have been developed but are still difficult to apply, calling for significant technical expertise, the appropriate equipment and, of course, considerable preparation and application time.
    Uniflow now offers a credible alternative to paint which is a major pollutant of the ocean and not very practical to use.
  • This alternative consists of self-adhesive plastic films, eminently suitable for marine environments. Over the past fifteen years or so, adhesives have made their mark in every field to replace paint. In light of their exceptional properties, their performance exceeds those of paint and coatings, with guarantees of resistance, reliability and top performance surpassing anything else that may exist.
    In the air and on land, self-adhesive films have already successfully replaced paint. The marine world alone had not yet taken advantage of the progress offered by these new solutions.