Films for the most demanding of environments : the marine world

Our mission is to create, produce and propose adhesive solutions to resolve

the everyday problems faced by professionals in the marine sector: boat builders, shipyards, engineers and architects, captains, skippers and owners.
Nowadays, adhesive films are part of our daily life (buildings, trains, aircraft, flooring, signage, etc.). Thanks to the fast progress now made by modern industry, these adhesive films have proudly penetrated the most difficult, demanding and remarkably efficient of domains – the world of yachting.



Antislip film for all types of boat.

FLOW Xtrem Skin

Pro-speed film for all types of boat.

FLOW Protector

Anti-UV and anti-impact film for all types of boat.

FLOW Silikon

Pro-glide antifouling film for all types of boat, regattas & competitions.

FLOW Fouling Fix

Antifouling film for fixed installations.

FLOW Fouling

Antifouling film for all types of boat.